General Dentistry

We are committed to your oral health so you can enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come!

At Eastern Hills Dental, we believe that preventative dental care is best for your oral health. Regular cleanings help to prevent damage to your teeth and surrounding structures as well as keep your smile bright. Our hygienists regularly perform assessments to gauge the health of your mouth, perform cleanings that are catered to your specific needs, create a tailored recare schedule, and recommend products that will help keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible.

Our comprehensive exams consist of an oral cancer screening, evaluation of your gum and bone health, and examining your teeth for cavities and other potential dental needs.

We use the latest technology in digital x-rays which require just a fraction of radiation as compared to traditional x-rays, and are only taken as necessary based on our assessment of your dental health and the recommendations of the American Dental Association. Many dental conditions start out painless and require x-rays to diagnose early before they become a bigger issue or cause pain. Without regular x-rays, we are unable to have a complete picture of your dental health.

Occasionally a deeper cleaning may be required for optimum dental health. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, affects the structures which hold the tooth into place and a deeper cleaning rids the pocket around the tooth of harmful bacteria that worsens the condition. These cleanings usually require anesthetic for patient comfort and therefore are only performed one side of the mouth at a time. At the end of the cleaning, the hygienist will apply medicine under the gums and schedule you back for a tissue check and more frequent cleanings throughout the year to maintain tissue health.


Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure that helps give you a more beautiful, youthful, and brighter smile. While over the counter whitening can be a good start, many patients achieve better results with professional whitening. We are pleased to offer several teeth whitening options, including in-office treatments that could help you have a brighter smile in just one visit!

Restorative Procedures

Eastern Hills Dental offers a variety of procedures to repair damaged or lost teeth.


Our office uses mercury-free, white composite fillings for a comfortable feel and natural look.


A crown, also known as a cap, protects a weak, fractured, or broken tooth from further damage. A crown does not require a root canal, but most root canals do require crowns for protection.


An implant is a screw-retained false tooth to replace a missing tooth. Our office works closely with periodontists who perform implant placement procedures prior to our placement of the implant crown.


Added to you tooth's surface, veneers can help fix discolored, worn down, broken, or misaligned teeth.

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Pediatric Dentistry

At our practice, we enjoy caring for patients of all ages, including children. We believe a healthy, beautiful smile does not have an age limit. In order to prevent dental problems, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child should see a dentist no later than their first birthday. Baby teeth are important because they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, and more importantly help form a path for adult teeth to erupt. We encourage you to bring your child our office at least every six months for a cleaning and dental exam. When appropriate, fluoride and sealants are typically recommended to help protect your child against cavities. We understand it is important to build a positive, trusting relationship between your child and the dentist at a young age, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your child feels comfortable and safe in our office. At Eastern Hills Dental, we are proud to provide dentistry to your whole family!